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duckxing.jpg1. When shooting random individuals on the street, give yourself extra time to chat with them. You’ll be just as fascinated with the tidbits of life handed to you verbally as you will with the images.

2. If you find yourself driving down a one way lane that ends with a sign “Private Property: Guard Dog on Duty”, roll up your car windows.

3. High heeled boots do not allow you to take steady shots while on mud soaked paths. Wear comfortable, appropriate shoes.

4. It is almost impossible to edit photos with a parrot walking on your keyboard.

5. It is even more impossible to edit photos with a parrot screeching because he wants to get on your keyboard.

6. If you’ve taken so many pictures that you find yourself getting bored with processing them and you don’t have a deadline….play with a parrot or go clean your mud soaked leather boots.

7. Children are an amazing source of unabashed critique.

8. The roof of a Honda Mini Van will not dent with a medium sized woman and one large camera standing on it.

9. The roof of a Honda Mini Van is a great spot to take pictures just over reach of your head. It also provides you with a wonderful vantage point to take unique shots of surprised individuals out for a stroll.

10. If you “Moo” at a cow, you can get their attention.


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